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Sam Hunt Tour 2015 Be Sure To Get Your Tickets Before Time Runs Out

The time is now to see one of countrys most popular young stars. If you want your chance to see one of the most breathtaking concerts of 2015 be sure to check out the Sam Hunt tour before there are no more shows left. Once the summer is over you can’t be quite sure when you will have another opportunity to see his concert.

A Complete List Of His Scheduled Concert Dates

We are the most up-to-date source on Sam’s latest concerts. Right below here you can see every show that he has scheduled right now. Don’t worry about missing out on any dates, if he announces anymore shows we will be the first people to have the updates.

The Guys On The Sam Hunt Tour Are Some Of The Hardest Working Men In Show Business

These days Sam can’t even tell when he’s on or off the road. There’s practically no difference between a day off in a day preparing for a concert later that night. It’s rare for him to even get a day off anymore. We’ve heard that he can sometimes spend up to 30 days traveling and playing live shows nonstop. He might have only one day off in between his next stretch of shows if you can believe that, or sometimes he won’t have any days off at all.

It doesn’t seem to make much difference to Hunt though, whether he’s playing a show or lounging around at home, or having a meal at a restaurant, he always has the same crew with him no matter what’s going on. The guitar player for his band Tyrone Carreker was actually his roommate and good friend in college. The two of them started the band together, so that’s why there’s no big difference whether he’s performing or not, he still has the same people around him because they are all his good friends from before he even had a band.

Even More Roommates Join The Sam Hunt Tour

He even has a another member of his band who used to be his former roommate, another one of his guitarists named Josh Burkett. And instead of going with a big-name Hollywood talent agency Hunt decided to bring on a friend that he can trust from childhood to manage his tour. With a team made up of his friends he was ready to go on the road. Most of the time it band is not made up of people that are actually friends in real life, so all the members of this group didn’t have to go through a phase where everyone gets to know each other, these guys were already best pals.

During the time that they have been playing music together, they have become even closer friends. According to Sam when you’re playing live shows it’s a much more appealing experience to be able to have your family and friends around you as everything is going on. If you didn’t have the support of these people behind him, he says that it is unlikely he would have been able to have the kind of success that he’s enjoying now.

These Bandmates Stick Together Even When They Don’T Have A Show Planned

In the rare case that they have a day off the members of the group still spend the entire day together. Whether it’s fixing problems around their house, enjoying a meal out at a restaurant, or getting ready for a show later that day or week these guys are never apart for long. While most other bands are happy to have a break from their bandmates, these guys stick together whether they are playing music were not. Even if the band was never formed they would all still be hanging out finding success in some other venture.

Staying In Shape While On The Road

The guys on the this tour aren’t all business though. Even back in his college days Sam has always been competitive. Any chance that they have a free moment they always love playing basketball together and seeing who will come out triumphant on any given day. It’s very important to Hunt to stay in great shape, and what better way to do that than having a great night out of sports fun with your best friends? Sounds pretty good to me.

This is the way he typically looks when on stage, very laid back!

Being on the road is one outlet that allows Hunt to let out his competitive side in the music world, but it’s great that he still has the same outlet in a sporting sense as well.

A Different Kind Of Country

SH is not your typical acoustic guitar playing cowboy hat wearing country singer writing in a pickup truck. He certainly has its own unique approach to the country genre. Critics often compare him to the hip-hop singer Drake, because some of his lyrics in the delivery of those lyrics sound a bit hip-hop influenced. The fans seem to go crazy for Sam the same way that they do for hip-hop stars and pop stars as well. At the recent CMA Fest where Hunt was a performer, the entire front row was all women frantically screaming his name! It felt like you were at a Justin Bieber show the way the fans were going wild for him!

While there may be some similarities in their delivery of certain lyrics, Hunt is far more gentlemanly in the wording he chooses. You won’t find a Sam Hunt song that is laced with profanity like you will in the hip-hop world. He will blow your mind with his amazing music, while at the same time keeping everything family-friendly so everyone in the family no matter what age can come out and enjoy a Sam Hunt concert.

He Sports Some Interesting Attire During His Live Shows

At least in the country world he’s definitely got his own unique style when it comes to dressing. You’ll see him wearing things during his shows like black leather pants paired with a plaid stripe shirt! He’ll even dress like this even when it’s 90 to 100° outside! The weather will never stop the Hunsters style! His close feel a bit Kanye-esqe if you ask me. It seems quite clear that he is certainly at least influenced a little bit by the hip-hop community. It’s good to see people change things up and not repeat the same formula all the time.

Taking A Break From The Road To Take Home Some Awards

Admittedly SH is one of the newer guys in the country for old, but he’s already taking home stooges awards. He just one breakthrough video of the year at this year’s CMT music awards of 2015. He took on this honor for his music video “Leave The Night On“. Although his career is quite young he’s finding success all over the place. Whether it’s having his albums sell hundreds of thousands of copies, winning top honors at country award shows, or selling out huge tour venues, it seems the sky is the limit for Hunt.

Interestingly, this video was the first to big-budget music video that he ever made.

Prior to that all the music videos he had under his belt were indie style, and low-budget. He learned a lot from those first few lower budget videos that he used on his first big production video. He still didn’t spend money needlessly though, in fact, the majority of the background people in his “Leave The Night On” music video that is so popular with all the concert goers, are actually his friends that he knows in real life, or friends of friends.

Being A Person Of Authenticity

There’s a message that the Sam Hunt tour wants to send whether they are making music videos, albums, or performing for the fans live. And that is you’ve got to keep it real. Don’t get to Hollywood. Take your friends and family with you on the road into your music videos. It’s more important to have a good time then to pretend you’re a big shot. That’s the vibe you get from this star, do what you like to do because you like to do it, and don’t forget your roots. You can’t fake a good time. If you would’ve had a bunch of actresses and actors in the studio for his video, he knew he was going to be a stereotypical video.

By bringing his friends and family into the video and into his live performances, he creates a genuine atmosphere of fun. Letting everything occur naturally is always the best way to have a good time. That’s why every day for Sam feels like he’s just going out to have a good time with all his pals playing music, or making albums or videos.

Seats Are Still Available For His Lipstick Graffiti Tour

The Lipstick Graffiti Tour is quite an interesting name, but that’s what he’s chosen to go with.

He’s still got a lot of dates left.
He took a brief break for a few days to perform at the CMA music Festival but it won’t be too long before he’s playing his next date on his headlining tour. In addition to headlining his own shows, he will also be a co-headliner on the Wheels Up Tour. With his friends and co-headliners Lady Antebellum and Hunter Hayes. Just because there are several stars for these concerts doesn’t mean you’re going to get shortchanged when it comes to the amount of stage time they each get.

Lady Antebellum has been playing over 20 songs every show, most of these are original music but she also plays some fan favorite covers. Sam also joins her on stage for some of these covers. You could recently see all three of these guys play songs like Aerosmith’s “Walk This Way”. Not exactly the kind of cover you’d expect to see from country acts! They will not allow themselves to be typecast as country singers only, they play the songs they want to play when they want to play them! Both the lipstick graffiti and the wheels up tour have plenty of dates left on the schedule. With two live shows running at once, you’ve got plenty of opportunities to see the Sam Hunt tour.